Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bookmark Wednesday: Milton Public Library

    This weeks bookmark was found in a 1st edition of James Clavelle's Shogun.
It is a bookmark from the Milton Public Library of Milton Massachusetts. It dates from April of 1976 and was presented to the library by Milton Savings Bank.
According to the National Information Center  Milton Savings Bank had just moved to the address listed in the Bookmark. 40 Adams Street, Milton Village, and so they probably saw this method of advertising as a way to get the word out to the community.

After digging around the internet some more it seems that Milton Savings bank was acquired in 1982 by Union Warren Savings bank which in turn became part of Home Owners Savings Bank F.S.B. In 2003 Home owners Savings bank changed it's name to Boston Trust & Insurance Management Company and is now located at One Beacon Street, 33rd Floor in Boston Ma.

So I wonder if anyone still holds an account with this bank from way back in 1976.
Bookmarks can be fascinating

Milton Public Library: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dead before his time

     Today I was sorting through some old books that I've had for a while and as I am always on the lookout for anything interesting between the pages, I was pretty thorough when looking at some particularly older books.
     As I leafed my way through a dusty 1827 copy of Hume and Smollet's Celebrated History of England, I noticed something small nestled between the pages. I almost missed it and went back. It looked like a scrap piece of paper at first but I decided to take a look. Sure enough a previous owner had inserted a notable piece from a newspaper report reporting on the health of William I King of Prussia.
    It reads:
William I.,
King of Prussia, it is reported met with a fall from his horse, lately, by which he received severe injury. As he will be seventy-one years old on the 22d of this month, such injury may be followed by serious results. His son, the Crown Prince, husband of Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, is in his thirty-seventh year. His name is William Frederick Nicholas Charles, and he was greatly distinguished in the late war against Austria, and had a leading part in winning the battle of Sadown.
 I love to find these types of things in books, it showed that the owner really had a passion for the subject of history and probably would very much appreciate the fact that their book is still in circulation and that they themselves contributed to history in a very small way.

As I rescanned the pages I found quite a few more little paragraphs all as interesting and strategically placed between the pages.

I was glad to see that this fall did not lead to the death of William I who went on to live for another decade plus.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bookmark Wednesday: Borders

Borders Books

Today's bookmark is from the now defunct Borders bookstore.
I remember when Borders opened in Boston, I was very excited because they were big, vibrant had a great selection of newspapers from outside the region as well as a massive book selection. The only other "superstore" that I was aware of was Barnes & Noble who I didn't much care for aesthetically. I didn't like the stuffiness and the dimly lit stores (well the few I was ever in).
Borders simply outgrew themselves and just prior to going out of business they operated more than 500 stores in the US.

The bookmark I found was inside a copy of Robert B. Parker's "Edenville Owls". Perhaps in hindsight they tried to just do too much.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Big Morning Special

I don't know about you but I can't get my day going without ingesting some caffeine. I love the aroma of a nice cup of coffee but sometimes the task of making it is trumped by the ease of a tea bag and a cup of hot water. My preference is a nice hot cup of Barry's Irish tea with some milk and sugar.
I can usually go without breakfast for a while but for sure I need something in my belly by mid morning.

Today's find is a flyer that I found in a 1st edition copy of "A Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi. It is a simple flyer for a Ferguson's restaurant that I can only assume was located in New York City.

The flyer is for a free cup of tea or coffee at Ferguson's with the purchase of a muffin between 7am and 11am. 

I googled the address but didn't come up with anything related to a Ferguson's but maybe someone will know of it. I seems like it would be the perfect place for me in the mornings as I love a honey bran muffin and I could get it just at the right time too.

Do you remember a Ferguson's ? What's your morning ritual? I'm curious to know.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bookmark Wednesday

One of the most common findings for me is bookmarks. People tend to leave bookmarks in their books from when they begin to read a book all the way to the end.
Initially I wasn't too interested in including them in this blog but I do tend to keep them in a little stash because some are kind of fascinating.

I haven't added anything to this blog for a while but I want to get back into it as my wife, who is a writer, recently mentioned that she likes to see the blog and finds it interesting.Who knows maybe others will find it interesting too.

Most of the bookmarks I find hidden in books are from the bookstores where the books were originally purchased and without people buying new books in bookstores I would never get the opportunity to do what I do. So I wanted to return the love.

I simply ask that if you are thinking of purchasing a new book, please try to purchase it from one of the stores I link to from the blog or failing that seek out your own local brick and mortar bookstore and help to keep independent bookstores alive.

And so every Wednesday I will add a new bookmark that I have found. Some will be still in existence and some will not. Some will be simple and others will be extravagant. Where possible I will include a link to the store and urge you to purchase a book or two from them. These will not be site sponsors or advertisers and I will not make any money from the links so do not despair.

To kick off the "Bookmark Wednesday" idea, I will start with my local bookstore: Porter Square Books. They have a great following my area and it is well deserved. They provide fantastic customer service in a very clean and well curated book store.

Their red bookmark contains their motto "Eat, Sleep, Read"
You can find Porter Square Books on the web at
Twitter: @PorterSqBooks
Facebook: Porter Square Books

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Mothers Support For Her Son

I was going through today's books and found an old Alcoholics Anonymous book. It looked to never have seen any use and I know from my past sales that there is a strong demand for these books. My heart sank when I saw the inscription from a mother to her son inside the front cover. It reads:
"Dear Ernesto,
I've always been very proud of who you are. I know that it takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith to do what you are now doing. You are not alone, God is always with you and I am here to help you as well. Only one Day at a Time

Love, Mom "

The fact that the book has seen very little use makes me wonder just where Ernesto is today and if he managed to win his battle. I hope he did and that he is somewhere living a successful life and that his mother remains proud of her son.

Friday, March 28, 2014

WE, the people

One of the items that I like to keep when I find them are bookmarks.
I have a nice little collection which are mainly of bookstores where the last owner purchased the book. It is interesting to see if the bookstore is still around or if they have gone out of business.
I also wonder sometimes, depending on where the bookmark is located, if the previous owner ever got a chance to finish the book at all.

One of my favorites is this one: It's a simple leather fringed bookmark, probably mass produced and contains the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. it's just a reminder of the freedom people have to read books not just in the United States but around the world and I mean the freedom to write books too. There have been many times throughout history when this could have been changed but luckily for most of us those attempts were stifled.

I would love to hear what your favorite item is to bookmark pages.